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Video Poker and online gaming are particularly connected. Metaphorically speaking they are sort of twins, born at the same time and grown basically together. When personal computers were introduced back in the 1970’s, it wasn’t long before the very first videopoker games came to fruition and by the late 70’s the first video poker machines were beginning to find their way into land-based casinos. This less intimidating poker alternative was proving popular and throughout the 80’s and 90’s became a very popular staple of most players’ casino experiences.

Videopoker has a lot in common with that of the traditional slots. However, these traditional gaming machines are specially designed in order to provide a fixed range of payout ratios, ranging from around 83% to 97%. Video poker machines, on the other hand, run a standard random number generator meaning that each and every hand your draw on a videopoker machine is that of the same odds of what could happen at a real life poker table drawn by a dealer. It can provide a player with a better chance of winning but there is also some level of skill involved in playing (as opposed to its slot-based alternative).

For those players wishing to get involved in poker action that are not confident enough to hit the tables and face other players, this game is the ideal alternative. And now online video poker means you don’t even have to enter your casino in order to play! Thanks to the online gaming industry, so flourishing and popular, can enjoy this game at anytime and anywhere using your computer or mobile-based device!


Playing video poker is quick and easy once you have familiarised yourself with the various hands that you could be dealt during a game. Thankfully, a full pay table is usually shown above the cards so you can see which hand pays out at which particular odds.

To get started, you will be drawn a hand of 5 cards with the aim of the game to get the best and highest valued hand you can. Once you have received your card, you have the option to hold as many as you wish. Then, a second draw is made removing any cards not held and replacing them with new ones. This makes up your final hand. You will then receive a payout based on the final selection of cards you hold.

Some variations of the game offer wild cards which stand-in for any other cards you may have and if you are lucky enough to win you will also have the option to collect or double. If you choose to double then you be shown a face up card. Your win will be wagered against you being able to pick out a higher numbered card from the remaining 4 cards left face down.


There is always something for everyone in the world of online video poker and with such there is a huge amount of variations available for players to enjoy each offering their own unique characteristics and twists based on the traditional version.

Jacks or Better

Also known as ‘draw poker’, this variation is one of the most common forms of videopoker. The payouts start as low as a pair of jacks and the win for a full house is 9 times the original bet.

Joker Poker

With Joker Poker, the payouts start with a pair of kings. The game also includes an additional winning hand payout known as ‘Five of a Kind’ due to the addition of the wild joker card. All jokers are wild and any appearing in a hand will substitute any other number in play to help strengthen your hand.

Deuces Wild

In Deuces Wild all the twos within the deck are wild. This game also offers the player a chance to win a Deuces Royal Flush and Four Deuces hand.

Aces and Eight

This variation is also known as ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ which reportedly got its name from legendary gunslinger Wild Bill Hickock who was shot dead playing poker with a pair of 8’s and Aces in his hand. The game offers much higher payouts for four of a kind especially if you have 8’s or Aces.

All American Poker

All American is based on ‘Jacks or Better’ making it almost a variation of a variation. The game offers higher payouts for straights, flushes, and straight flushes. But on the other hand is does also offer lower payouts for two pairs and full houses compared to that of ‘Jacks or Better’.

Sevens Wild

As expected in Sevens Wild and 7’s within the deck are wild and substitute for any other card. However the minimum paying combination begins at three of a kind.

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is yet another version of the game based upon the standard ‘Jacks of Better’ variation. Bonus Poker can offer up to 99.2% in returns offering a much higher payout for four of a kind. There are a number of different versions of the game that offer their own unique bonus payouts.


Here at Casino Midas we offer you the chance to play all the aforementioned variations of online video poker at our site. We can offer you one of the greatest online casino experiences all because we have great software, top quality customer service, and of course plenty of exciting games for you to enjoy.

If you wish to play videopoker we can offer you the chance to get involved without even having to register. Thanks to our fantastic free play options you can now enjoy the very best of our online video poker options at Casino Midas which are unlimited and exactly the same as the real games. You can even download the whole casino software directly onto your PC which will give you the opportunity to play more and more games from our fantastic line-up, and not just videopoker.


  • Deuces: The 2's found in a deck
  • Flush: A hand which contains cards of the same suit.
  • Full House: A hand that contains a three of a kind and a pair.
  • Max Bet: The highest number of coins you can bet on a single hand.
  • Pay Table: A payout chart for each hand and number of coins played.
  • Royal Flush: The highest possible straight flush that contains a 10, J, Q, K and Ace of any suit.
  • Straight: A run of numbered cards in sequence (e.g. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Straight Flush: A straight of any one particular suit.
  • Wild Royal Flush: A royal flush that includes one of more wild cards.

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