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Everyone has that image of a real-world casino lobby, with the bright sounds and colors of Slots spinning, Roulette wheels turning, dice being thrown at the Craps table, and cards being dealt for Blackjack and in the Poker Rooms. The atmosphere is electric, with a lobby of winning potential that brims with excitement and possibility.

The online casino lobby is a great mix between that atmosphere and a library, where players can browse through the titles of the best online games and choose the games they would like to play. Accessing our lobby is very easy; players just have to go to our homepage and click on the “Casino Lobby” tab. But they need to register in order to play the games for real cash.

Casino Games: What’s the Best For You?

Finding your favorite casino games actually depends on your tastes and preferences. If players have a plump bankroll and just want to relax and have fun, they can play luck-based games such as slots, craps, and roulette.

Casino Midas Canada offers several varieties of slots such as classic three-reel slots, five-reel slots, and the Real Series of Slots, the latter of which are associated with a randomly triggered progressive jackpot. The three-reel slots feature one payline and coin play, the five-reel slots have the multiple lines and coin play, and the Real Series have many lines, no coin play, and incredible special features. The wide selection of the types of slots is a testament to their popularity, as so many love to play them, their needs to be that many options to meet that demand.

Players looking for games requiring skill as well as chance can have a great time playing video poker games. These combine the fast-pace, payouts, and luck of Slots with the strategy of building the best possible hand, just like in regular poker.

More technical players who want to use skills and strategies to plump their bankrolls must choose games such as blackjack. In this game, you face off against the casino dealer in an attempt to get closer or 21 without going over. By utilizing tried-and-true strategies, players can have the best possible chance of winning using mathematically proven odds.

Choosing a game is as easy as visiting the casino lobby and clicking on a title that interests you. However, players need to register an account before they can be allowed to play any game. The best online casino games are also available in the practice mode, giving players a chance to get familiar with the game without risking their own money. But players will win real money jackpots only if they bet real money.

Online Games in a Safe Environment

Cautious players always ask the question, “How can I trust a casino?” and it is quite right that they do so. Players can safely trust a casino if it is operating under a license. Casino Midas is licensed in Curacao, which means that we have the full oversight of a governing body, follow their regulations, and follow the regulations of the regions that we’re available in per the different governments’ policies and regulations.

Moreover, we operate on the reputable RTG software platform. One of the industry leaders, they are careful about who they partner with and also operate under strict government regulations and policies. Software companies with regulations need to craft games with the same mathematical odds as the games you would find in any land-based betting hall, offering full transparency into their algorithms to the regulators as proof. RTG does exactly that, providing the best all-around gaming experience on the web, period.

We implement the latest security technology to protect player data, adopt a sound privacy policy, and provide the best 24/7 customer care service. We have SSL certificates, proof of our adoption of the best encryption to protect personal information and ensure secure deposits and withdrawals. In fact, we use a similar, 128-bit encryption technology that the biggest banks in the world use. The day online banking became a thing was the day before online casinos became a thing, because if one is a safe and secure possibility, so is the other. With us you are in the safest hands!

Play Casino Responsibly

At Casino Midas, we believe in the core reason to bet online: it’s fun entertainment with the chance to win a bit of cash. Because of this, we strongly advocate responsible gaming. We don’t let anyone under the age of 18 register at our casino no matter what. We set a limit and make an effort to stop excessive betting behaviors, recognizing a problem before it becomes a bigger one. We also allow players to play every single one of our online games for free with demo credits before or even after they play with real money. While we all hope to win some money, there’s one guarantee: it’s a lot of fun.


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